Heavy Sorrows

December 26, 2012

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I close my eyes and see all the puzzle pieces floating around in my mind. I hear them and watch them click in place and that’s when they finally become clearer to me. I see how nobody can save any one person, but also, how everybody needs someone. I see how shutting yourself up in a tiny compartment can suffocate you. I see how bottling everything up and stuffing it down can weigh you down. I see how sometimes you need complete darkness to see things you couldn’t or didn’t want to see before. I realize that sometimes what’s real isn’t pretty, but what’s pretty isn’t always real.

Many people say they’re empty. But i’m too full. Full of memories, fears, hope, love and anger. I have too much inside myself. I have a heart that’s getting too heavy to carry around.

I feel so much I can’t have peace.