Fairytale land

June 7, 2010

Most of the photos were taken randomly, the first photo was my first try in slow shatter-speed i took couples of photos but i loved the one i posted the most weren’t so good thou ;p

the only thing left

June 4, 2010

second day of Eid

November 28, 2009

The weather today was unbelievable ❤

Couldn’t stop myself not capture the cloud through the car window.

My favorite photo of today.



My cousin. i know you’ll be reading this ;p ,so thaankyou for comeing today it wouldn’t been fun without you, can’t wait till tomorrow  :”)



3body cute lil hands ❤

I know lots of drink photos. :$ there were no food left to shoot lol ;p

My favorite part of every meal. ;p



my cousin sara and tommy.

tommy ❤

taken by my cousin sara i wanted to ruin the photo (a)

I really had fun today ❤ can’t wait for tomorrow i hope it turns out great *inshallah*

a call

November 25, 2009

w a i t i n g . .


every ring my heartbeat rise hopping it is YOU.. </3

w a i t i n g . . .


all i need is a call..

Night at Lozan,

November 20, 2009

Well I’m so bored there is nothing to do, so thought of editing some pictures from last summer.

Its all about her bag lol (a)




It was freezing that day.

I’m in love with Lozan port.



The hotel bar.

I miss that place i wanna go back : (