Heavy Sorrows

December 26, 2012

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I close my eyes and see all the puzzle pieces floating around in my mind. I hear them and watch them click in place and that’s when they finally become clearer to me. I see how nobody can save any one person, but also, how everybody needs someone. I see how shutting yourself up in a tiny compartment can suffocate you. I see how bottling everything up and stuffing it down can weigh you down. I see how sometimes you need complete darkness to see things you couldn’t or didn’t want to see before. I realize that sometimes what’s real isn’t pretty, but what’s pretty isn’t always real.

Many people say they’re empty. But i’m too full. Full of memories, fears, hope, love and anger. I have too much inside myself. I have a heart that’s getting too heavy to carry around.

I feel so much I can’t have peace.

Baby M ♡

March 6, 2010

First day in london

January 19, 2010

Morning everyone! Just arrived to the hotel about two hours ago amy is asleep 😦 and since i slept the whole flight i dont think i’m going to sleep anytime soon ! :$ Missing tuta so much 😦 its not the same without her 😦 Since i dont feel sleepy thought of editing some of the photos i took

Amy trying to take a picture of dad while havin mushroom soup our favortie ;;) @ the airport

the flight was delayed >.<

@ the hotel

My messy desktop fefe will kill me : p


December 15, 2009

Well I did great in my exam today : ) did NOT!! ahe2 😥 I got the hardest sample as i always do and forgot all the rules the minute i got the exam paper : ) uff 😥 Today i have to start working on my photography file its due tomorrow so ganna post the pictures i chose for the file after i’m done with it hopefully tonight.

.Anyway enough with the university sick talk. time to indulge myself with some relaxation *sigh* comfy bed,soft light, yumy chocolate, onetreehill and lovely memory of my trip to dubai with my czns ❤ enjoy.




More to come, post soon..

a call

November 25, 2009

w a i t i n g . .


every ring my heartbeat rise hopping it is YOU.. </3

w a i t i n g . . .


all i need is a call..

Night at Lozan,

November 20, 2009

Well I’m so bored there is nothing to do, so thought of editing some pictures from last summer.

Its all about her bag lol (a)




It was freezing that day.

I’m in love with Lozan port.



The hotel bar.

I miss that place i wanna go back : (