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June 30, 2011

Tuta’s Surprise Party

April 12, 2011


Editing tutorial

October 15, 2010

Well I was thinking for weeks now to post an editing tutorial on how I get my effects on the photos. since i’ve been getting all those flickr mails, deviant notes and questions on tumblr, on how to edit, what graphic program do I use and what camera. This post is the answer to your questions.


First of all i’m deeply sorry for not answering your emails,notes or questions individually, but here I am writing a tutorial for all of you hopefully it would be useful for everyone.


*photo from Breakfast at the ritz.

I got two emails about how did I get this effect in this photo. so gonna show you how did I get it step by step.

open your photoshop I use adobe photoshop CS3.   open the image you wanna edit. and let us start.

1. Duplicate background

2. Color balance

Midtones ; -38,0,0

3. Curves; RGB

First point ; output 77 – input 54

Second point ; output 195 – input 153

4. Layer > New fill layer > Solid color. Set the color on #d75757

Set in on screen and change the fill opacity to 35%

5. Copy merged then paste.

6. Curves; RGB

First point; output 50 – input 72

Second point; output 72 – input 99

7. Duplicate this layer.

8. Hue/Saturation; Master

0, -100, 0

Set this layer on Exclusion. and fill opacity on 11%.

9. Copy merge and paste.

10. Curves; RGB

and now you can set it as much as you think its best.

I set mine on;

First point on; output 52  – input 66

Second point on; output 215 – input 207

and that’s it. : D


and yes one last thing for those who asked about what camera and lens am I using.

in this photo I used 1.4f and my camera was 450D canon.



Facebook page

August 15, 2010

Thank you Amy for creating a Facebook page for angedelamore’s photography its the sweetest thing anyone could do. if you’re interested check it out  by clicking on the picture below.

April 3, 2010

maher almuaiqly – al baqaarah

I had an account in for a while now ,but never actually used it till yeasterday i wasn’t getting the whole posting and rebloging thing ;p and now that i did i can’t stop rebloging everything ;$

So anyway this is it, check it out.