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June 7, 2011

I miss being able to blog and write what ever comes into my mind here! but with all the stuff going on with college and everything else, i can barley find a time for myself to do anything, so its been a while since i edited anything nor shoot something, so here am i just posting stuff i posted over my tumblr awhile ago and since i’m going through my archive thought of sharing some stuff here too. 

well guess what was going over my archive over every single photo, and didn’t know what to post or how to start. I guess cause of the clock hitting midnight, and i have been up since 6 or so, and need to wake up 6 am again tmrw! so anyway making long story short gonna share something i’m really looking forward to this Thursday.

can’t explain how does such an animation brings me such joy :’) i love him and i really can’t explain it. 


January 16, 2011

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Amy’s birthday

December 26, 2010

Once upon a time in 26th of december 1992 a beautiful baby girl was born and 18 years later she grew up to be the most beautiful of all… <<  lwlw if your reading this i’m trying to copy your amazing way of writing but yeah FAIL!! x_x ;;)
I couldn’t let the day start without sharing it here I have nothing in mind unfortunately so till the end of this day and hopefully i will post something amazing for my Amy.  but till then I have to start with something and since all I have is my BC from lastnight gonna share it here….
To Amy to my baby sister to the person that I can’t imagine my life without not even for a day to the person who have always been there for me brought my joy brought me laughter all away.. to you my amazing beautiful baby sister. I’m really not that good with words as you know you’ve always been the one to correct me and well yeah also to inspire me with beautiful charming words 😛 never been good with words so yeah lets see wats am I goin to come up with :p 

I know this dsnt justice your right. but I have to let everyone know that today isn’t any day its the day of your birthday ❤ and if I could make the whole world celebrate it i would and still won’t be enough.

First when i saw the TT in twitter 2010mermorise  every time I think about something that was so amazing and so memorable in 2010 you were rit there with me and you’ve always been always not jst in 2010  but since all i can remember you’ve always been there :”) I know we have our differences and we fight like crazy :p and once we did well yeah you know wat happens :p well hopefully my 2011 resolution in my top of the list less fighting with you since you’re all mature and stuff act matureness :p haha

I really don’t know what on earth would i do without you i’m so thankful walla i thank god every day for having you in my life ok i’m tearing i dunno why jst all i know is that i can’t stand losing you ever i would really die without you.

enjoy your 18th birthday baby sis i hope it turns out the most amazing year of all i promise we will work on it to be. \=D/
I wish you all the beautiful stuff i wish you everything you ever wished for to come true cause babe you deserve it all you deserve the best of all lan u’re the best.
a7bich so much walla alla la y7rmny mnich yaraaaaaab :’)


*The 1st amazing design is by the amazing lwlw.*The 2nd amazing design is by the amazing kooki.


December 21, 2010

Hey everyone well good morning I guess since its almost 5 now, its been so long since I last posted something around here. I’m so sleepy but trying to keep up for the fajer prayer while watching the OC which all that I have been doing lately sadly : x
And then properly and hopefully I would hit the bed. So Amy was telling me lastnight: ” malltena post smthing.” LOL! so dear sis while you’re enjoying ur sleep here I am posting you something. : p *not what you expected I know but I’m  bored so why not share it with my beloved readers o:)* As you know guys or maybe if you’re not following me on twitter you wouldn’t know that I started my christmas break a week ago yey me \=)/! and its been a lil bit boring not that i’m complaining or anything I enjoy being bored more than going to school. :& but yeah I haven’t been up to anything lately didn’t shoot anything for a month or so which I miss terribly, there is nothing to shoot around here. *sigh* anyway hopefully things will turn around soon. yes I have something in mind *finger-crossed*
oh what do you know its 4:44. : ) anyway wishing everyone an awesome day. and I promise will post something with photos soon. xx

Editing tutorial

October 15, 2010

Well I was thinking for weeks now to post an editing tutorial on how I get my effects on the photos. since i’ve been getting all those flickr mails, deviant notes and questions on tumblr, on how to edit, what graphic program do I use and what camera. This post is the answer to your questions.


First of all i’m deeply sorry for not answering your emails,notes or questions individually, but here I am writing a tutorial for all of you hopefully it would be useful for everyone.


*photo from Breakfast at the ritz.

I got two emails about how did I get this effect in this photo. so gonna show you how did I get it step by step.

open your photoshop I use adobe photoshop CS3.   open the image you wanna edit. and let us start.

1. Duplicate background

2. Color balance

Midtones ; -38,0,0

3. Curves; RGB

First point ; output 77 – input 54

Second point ; output 195 – input 153

4. Layer > New fill layer > Solid color. Set the color on #d75757

Set in on screen and change the fill opacity to 35%

5. Copy merged then paste.

6. Curves; RGB

First point; output 50 – input 72

Second point; output 72 – input 99

7. Duplicate this layer.

8. Hue/Saturation; Master

0, -100, 0

Set this layer on Exclusion. and fill opacity on 11%.

9. Copy merge and paste.

10. Curves; RGB

and now you can set it as much as you think its best.

I set mine on;

First point on; output 52  – input 66

Second point on; output 215 – input 207

and that’s it. : D


and yes one last thing for those who asked about what camera and lens am I using.

in this photo I used 1.4f and my camera was 450D canon.



Afternoon tea party

June 28, 2010

Last Saturday was a blast, had an afternoon tea party with the best most beautiful ladies on this planet  lwlw, kooki and sushi and my two sisters. The best part of the day was the tuta-made macrons & cakes it defined the word DELICIOUS.  i swear i think i gained a million pounds from all the food.

Wanna watch,

May 8, 2010

I have such a long list of movies i wanna watch so i thought of sharing it with you guys! and if anyone of you saw any of the movies i’ve listed below it would be great if you could share your feedback ;p to not get high expectations like  what i did in dear john! ;p

1. The last song


2. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


3. Chloe


4. Sex and the city II


5. Iron man II


6. Letters to Juliet


7. Eat, Pray, Love


8. The Backup Plan


9. When in rome


10. Salt


11. Killers


12. The Stepfather


13. Whip it


14. The Lovely Bones


15. Post Grad


16. Nights in Rodanthe


17. Homecoming


18. The Switch


19. Leap year


20. From paris with love



Top movies I watched this year, recommend to watch :

1.The Time Traveler’s Wife

Truly amazing movie and a must watch ♡


2. Avatar

Went to this movie with dad, I underestimated this movie, I didn’t think it would turn out this good!


3. The Young Victoria

A wonderful movie and a very beautiful love story. I absolutely loved it ♡


4. How to Train Your Dragon

My favorite animation movie after ratatouille ♡.♡ toothless is just so adorable : ( i wanna lil dragon of my own : (


5. Date night

Watched it last friday at the movies, seriously best comedy movie so far.