Yesterday I was a 19 year old photographer, and today I’m a 20 year old. Days are passing by and life goes on. Like any person, like any human being I have dreams, hopes and goals. My dream is to have a happily ever after, my hope are my family, my goal is to achieve a beautiful achievement(keeping it to myself for now). I’m currently a business student majoring in finance since I do numbers better than I do words. I have a beautiful family and great friends, and I’m very thankful for that. My camera is by my side making sure to frame every moment of my life so it wouldn’t be forgotten.

That’s pretty much sum up what I have to say not what I am because what I am can not be written with words.

Here I share my passion with everyone-Photography.

If you have any question ask me here. Or you can email me on

9 Responses to “About”

  1. Sara Says:

    hmm i like what u write in every time wether ur happy or sad 😉
    soon inshalla ill share the world with you 😛
    looooove you meeemz ❤

  2. aFraH M. Says:

    maShaLLaH .. bLog momte3 .. o ta9weeR raW3aH ..
    o ta3beeRch 3n eLaq6aT y5LeeHa a7La o a7La ..
    eMwaFeQaa ya Maryo0oM eB DerasTeCh o 7yaTeCh ..

  3. imran Says:

    hmmmmmmm, great to see your blog! keep it up

  4. Ciara Says:

    I’m in love with your photos!
    what lens? camera, you use???

  5. Ola Diab Says:


    I’m a journalism student in Northwestern University in Qatar. My partner Shannon and I are doing a story on bloggers in Qatar, and we would love to interview you for this story to ask about your blog, why you blog and why you blog about fashion. It’s a short documentary so if you’re worried about being on camera, don’t worry we can make it anonymous. Please contact me as soon as possible if you’re interested! We’d would love to hear from you!

    Ola Diab

  6. May M. AlKhaja Says:

    one of the best photography blogs i have ever seen in my life .. mashalla this is so amazing .. you are really talented .. wish you all the best

    May AlKhaja

  7. Fatima Says:

    meme! I love every single photo! every photo has a story, your way of taking the photos make them full of thoughts and meanings.May Allah bless you.

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