Terrible Sleeping

April 16, 2012

Morning everyone, It’s 6am here and I have been up since 1am trying to go back to sleep but failed repeatedly. and I have 5 more hours till my first class so i guess there’s no going back to sleep now. 

 So finals are around the corner well actually i’m starting my first final exam this Tuesday so i guess it’s by the door then :p but yeah i have been feeling really stress lately and overwhelmed with the massive load of college work. and I can’t believe this semester is almost over as much as I would love for it to end I feel quiet bitter one more intersession semester for me and then it’s all gonna be over. inshalla well I hope.

 I kinda sound a little dramatic up there, well it’s has to be because of the lack of sleep so pass through all this. 

best of luck to everyone doing their exams now. it’s almost over or if not remember soon enough it will be so push yourself to get what you want and never give up it’s going to be all worth it at the end. xx

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