Editing Tutorial II

March 1, 2012

Hey everyone, i’ve been asked to do another tutorial for quite sometime now, so I finally got to it, and here we go

I chose this picture from Forever Endlessly post


let’s start with opening any picture you want to edit, but I prefer you choose a green colored picture, as this edit works best on

1. Duplicate your picture

2. filter>render>lighting effects Image

and set the layer on overlayImage

3. layer> new adj layer> hue/saturation


4. start new layer and fill it with 33303c and set it vivid light and fill it 10%Image

5. start new layer and fill it with 3e2345 and sit it exclusion Image

6. Layer> new adj layer> selective color

we’re just going to use the green setting and the neutral


7. start new layer and fill it with 3e2345 and sit it exclusion and fill it 30% Image

8. Layer > new adj layer > curves


but then again you can change the output and input as your picture feel needed.

And that’s about it! I hope you find this helpful.

3 Responses to “Editing Tutorial II”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Own!! Thank you so much for doing another colouring tutorial!! I really love how you edit your pictures and this one is a really helpfull!!

  2. Dizzy Tea Says:

    This is a great tutorial and very very useful. Saving this for future reference, thank you!x

  3. salma Says:

    thank u so much i’ll try it

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