think. think. think.

June 7, 2011

I miss being able to blog and write what ever comes into my mind here! but with all the stuff going on with college and everything else, i can barley find a time for myself to do anything, so its been a while since i edited anything nor shoot something, so here am i just posting stuff i posted over my tumblr awhile ago and since i’m going through my archive thought of sharing some stuff here too. 

well guess what was going over my archive over every single photo, and didn’t know what to post or how to start. I guess cause of the clock hitting midnight, and i have been up since 6 or so, and need to wake up 6 am again tmrw! so anyway making long story short gonna share something i’m really looking forward to this Thursday.

can’t explain how does such an animation brings me such joy :’) i love him and i really can’t explain it. 

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