out of space

March 9, 2011


3 Responses to “out of space”

  1. Said Says:

    Some Lover to Some Beloved!

    Down the memory lanes, on which
    you’ve strolled since ages past
    They will end if you walk farther a step or two
    Where exits the turn towards the wilderness of forgetfulness
    beyond which, there isn’t any Me, nor any You
    My eyes hold their breath, for any moment you
    may turn back, move ahead, or at least turn to look back

    Although my sight knows that the wish is just a farce
    For if ever it were to run across your eyes again
    right there will spring forth another pathway
    Like always, where ever we run into, there will begin
    another journey of your lock’s shadow, your embrace’s tremor

    The other wish is also in error, for my heart knows
    There is no turn here, no wilderness, no mountain-range
    beyond whose horizon, my perpetual sun-of-your-Love can set
    May you continue walking these pathways, its better this way
    If you don’t even turn to look back, it is okay

    By Faiz Ahmed Faiz (Prison Journal)

  2. Ahnes Says:

    London in your photos is just amazing…

  3. Fatima Says:

    Hey gorgeous,

    What the name of the music in your post?

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