December 21, 2010

Hey everyone well good morning I guess since its almost 5 now, its been so long since I last posted something around here. I’m so sleepy but trying to keep up for the fajer prayer while watching the OC which all that I have been doing lately sadly : x
And then properly and hopefully I would hit the bed. So Amy was telling me lastnight: ” malltena post smthing.” LOL! so dear sis while you’re enjoying ur sleep here I am posting you something. : p *not what you expected I know but I’m  bored so why not share it with my beloved readers o:)* As you know guys or maybe if you’re not following me on twitter you wouldn’t know that I started my christmas break a week ago yey me \=)/! and its been a lil bit boring not that i’m complaining or anything I enjoy being bored more than going to school. :& but yeah I haven’t been up to anything lately didn’t shoot anything for a month or so which I miss terribly, there is nothing to shoot around here. *sigh* anyway hopefully things will turn around soon. yes I have something in mind *finger-crossed*
oh what do you know its 4:44. : ) anyway wishing everyone an awesome day. and I promise will post something with photos soon. xx

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