August 30, 2010

Those photos were specially taken for the CHIC blog one of the greatest Fashion blogs. Created by the greatest Fashionista & I dig her style and fashion seances you all should check out her blog here.

We First started shooting shoes cause well, that’s what we’re addicted to. Than I thought of Tommy Ton’s photoshoot for Anna Dello Russo and I got inspired and thought why not include jewelry and dresses.

I would like to thank my two sisters Tuta&Amy for helping me out and for their patient. ♡ ;p loveyou both so much.

And To checkout the interview with the CHICblog click here.

To check out behind the scenes photos taken by me while photoshooting click here.

7 Responses to “CHIC”

  1. Maryam Says:

    You’ve done a great job dear, everyone is LOOOVVINNG your pictures! Thanks a lot, love you all<3

  2. barbyah Says:

    OMG IM in Love with every picture in ur blog
    Mashallah ur amazing ❤

  3. { vanessa } Says:

    i love your edit so much ! ❤

  4. amy Says:

    you dont have to think us we truly enjoyed, you were unbelievably lazy thu 😛
    pictures turned out great 😉

  5. Le camelia Says:

    Hey, can I please have your e-mail? I want to proposition something for you but privately. Thank you 🙂

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