Wanna watch,

May 8, 2010

I have such a long list of movies i wanna watch so i thought of sharing it with you guys! and if anyone of you saw any of the movies i’ve listed below it would be great if you could share your feedback ;p to not get high expectations like  what i did in dear john! ;p

1. The last song


2. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


3. Chloe


4. Sex and the city II


5. Iron man II


6. Letters to Juliet


7. Eat, Pray, Love


8. The Backup Plan


9. When in rome


10. Salt


11. Killers


12. The Stepfather


13. Whip it


14. The Lovely Bones


15. Post Grad


16. Nights in Rodanthe


17. Homecoming


18. The Switch


19. Leap year


20. From paris with love



Top movies I watched this year, recommend to watch :

1.The Time Traveler’s Wife

Truly amazing movie and a must watch ♡


2. Avatar

Went to this movie with dad, I underestimated this movie, I didn’t think it would turn out this good!


3. The Young Victoria

A wonderful movie and a very beautiful love story. I absolutely loved it ♡


4. How to Train Your Dragon

My favorite animation movie after ratatouille ♡.♡ toothless is just so adorable : ( i wanna lil dragon of my own : (


5. Date night

Watched it last friday at the movies, seriously best comedy movie so far.

5 Responses to “Wanna watch,”

  1. amy Says:

    i wanna watch all of them including stupid TWILIGHT -_- 😛

  2. Baś Says:

    So I want to warn you to not have high expectations about “Whip it” and “Postgrad” – basically I watched them for Ellen Page and Alexis Bledel, but honestly their are rather weak movies.
    But I’ll use your recommedations! I absolutely fall in “Young Victoria” trailer 🙂

    • angedelamour Says:

      ohh! couple of my friends told me also that “whip it” sucks lol :p so i guess i’m not watching it :p
      mee too i wanna watch the postgrad for alexis bledel 😀 thaankyou so much for you feedback hope u enjoy young victoria 😀

  3. KILA Says:

    Sex and the city II –> perfect,funny, fresh!

    The Backup Plan –> fuuny, with some good scenes but still nothing special!

    Nights in Rodanthe –> magical, very romantic, just a must see movie and also you will love the sea side house!

    Leap year –> the scenery is amazing, the storie too! i saw it 2 times!

    From paris with love –> a very gooood movie, with action and unexpecting things!! must see too.

    i hope to enjoy seeing them, and if you ses some of the movies you listed please tell me your opinion.
    it’s my first time in your blog and i think you do a very nice job here. your photos are so atmosperic and your writing special.
    thanks for sharing all this!

    patty -from greece-

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