Moroccan tea ♡

April 10, 2010

9 Responses to “Moroccan tea ♡”

  1. Lulu Says:

    Oh my god!! el edits shay mb 6aby3yyy !! :O
    Masha’allah 3lech Meme you always amaze me ❤

  2. ifatma Says:

    ya rb saaaaam7 😛

  3. saranita Says:

    thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures akthr shay yum al dnoutttttssss 😦
    moroccanTea my fav after green tea even though i think they’re the same ;p

  4. yzsa Says:

    what kind of camera are you using? your pictures look so dreamy…

  5. Alexis Says:

    hello! i just started photography and i chanced upon your blog. these pictures are amazing! : ) what lens are you using with your 450D? i really would like tips on how to take pictures with nice tones like these ^^ what ISO & mode did you use to achieve the soft effect? thank you xx

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