March 9, 2010

Today was the second day of the french course i’m so excited to learn franch.Its been on my wishlist since forever. so far its great and the best part is that Tuta has been studying franch for a while now and  today we were texting in french which was kinda cool : p ..  i miss her so much : ( can’t wait for her to get home  ❤

8 Responses to “Salut!”

  1. OTH Says:

    bien pour toi ^^ have fun n enjoy ur time !!

  2. saranita Says:

    i want to learn french as well ❤ bs no time 😦 enshallah soon

  3. I studied for years mafy fayda !! My brain cant process this Lang :p

    Bil Tawfeeg 😀 ! Enshallah mayji the summer ila enty et’3ardyn ;p

  4. shaikhade Says:

    LOL!! i remembered you saying ” am also learning french now ” yom fel career fair XD !

    a7bich :* O:)

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