A day in Regent park

February 8, 2010

ugh i miss london so much </3 , I remember that day when i begged dad to take me to regent park and he did even though it was freezing. My hand was shaking, red and swelling cause of the cold but even though i didn’t let go of my camera for a minute. dad and Amy was yelling at me the whole time to go back to the hotel. I stopped when i couldn’t take it anymore. any way here are some of the pictures i took.

6 Responses to “A day in Regent park”

  1. ifatma Says:

    YAY MEME ❤
    n love with pix;[2131, 2107, 2081, 2019, 1992]
    love your photography,love you meme :*

  2. MAlkuwari Says:

    don’t know what to say ;O
    Thats really beyond gorgeous-ness !! w amazing-ness

  3. Anonymous Says:

    i live in a whole different world when i look into your pictures, im one of ur biggest silent fans !
    i loved the way u imaged the situation over here, i love how you always mention your dad !

    the pictures ! beyond description ! perfection, mind blowingness and breath-takingness !

    i advise you to upload the doves picture in flickr, i really do ! 🙂

    • angedelamour Says:

      since the moment i read the first three words you wrote i couldn’t stop smelling! i dono wat to say i’m so speechless, honored, shocked, that i have someone that much into my photography! this is too much! seriously i’m so speechless thaankyou so much for the sweetest most beautiful words ever means a lot! thaankyou so much for the support : (

  4. :) Says:

    these pics are beyond amazing
    i really fell in love with ur photography
    such a talented girl mashalla
    can i use the 8th as a disply picture if u dont mind 🙂 ?

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