January 28, 2010

24/1/2010 its been a wonderful day full of laughter and happy tears lots of them actually! :’) its been a hell of a year!! 18 wasn’t really the best year of my life i had lots of things going on! lots of depressing moments. But, on my birthday eve when i got all the calls from my friends and family and how everyone was singing and wishing me a happy birthday, i felt really really happy actually extremly happy i felt that no matter what happens and no matter how many tears will be there in my life they’ll be there for me to erase those tears and to support me no matter what and i knew that a batter year is about to begin! so thank you my family & friends i couldn’t ask for a batter people than you guyyys! a7bkum :’) ❤

i’d like to specially thank my beautiful friends those who have amazed me with their lovely shots!it really means a lot.

THANKYOU so much everyone im so lucky to have each one of you in my life ❤

3 Responses to “24/1”

  1. amy Says:

    meme u deserve so much more :’) ❤ inshalla this year and the coming years be wonderful as you are :* love you

    its amy btw :p i donno wth is worng with this kla yshbk mn your account xD

    • angedelamour Says:

      loool i just saw that!! inshallah my hopes are so up for this year inshallah i wont get disappointed :”
      lovee you so much
      and i fixed that lool sign out mn my account :@ :p
      mwah :*

  2. aljnonkelah Says:

    you deserve more than that .. sweety :*

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