First day in london

January 19, 2010

Morning everyone! Just arrived to the hotel about two hours ago amy is asleep 😦 and since i slept the whole flight i dont think i’m going to sleep anytime soon ! :$ Missing tuta so much 😦 its not the same without her 😦 Since i dont feel sleepy thought of editing some of the photos i took

Amy trying to take a picture of dad while havin mushroom soup our favortie ;;) @ the airport

the flight was delayed >.<

@ the hotel

My messy desktop fefe will kill me : p

4 Responses to “First day in london”

  1. Dalal Says:

    enjoy your time meme , ya 7a’6 london feek :*
    a7b your blog mara ❤

  2. Amy Says:

    allay meme 9ij a7la blog eveytime ❤ i see those amazing pictures i feel that im living them its like your creating your own world here ❤ nd im lovin it!!
    a7bich&miss tuta so much 2 😦 !

  3. Lulu Says:

    Aww love the photos w el edits ❤ & I know how bad it feels to be the only one awake, but hey! thank god for mac,right? 😉 lol
    Enjoy your time babe & have fun ❤
    Love you :*

  4. ifatma Says:

    meme yallah wanna see more pics of ur trip ❤

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