December 25, 2009

it’s my baby sis 17th birthday ❤

Dear baby sister few minutes and the year 17 will be knocking your door, so i’ll take the chance now to wish a very happy happy birthday before the door is open and may allah give u all the happiness and success Love and full of all your Dreams

I’m very thankful and grateful to have you as YOU, you have been always there for me. Dear baby sister you might be the youngest but i’ve always saw you the most wisdom among us sub7ank yarab : P

you’ve always been my guiding light when I was lost, i’m sorry i didn’t shoot anything special for your birthday yet! i choses every random picture we shoot together  ❤

the cupcake tuta made and we creamed it (a)

that day was fun : P struggling with the skinny jeans ; p

hello kitty was bigger than u =))

you remember that don’t you : p since i was asking for the photos this morning :$ it was at our first photo-shot together at your 16th birthday ❤

you were jumping around like an idiot looool asfa babe i love u : p wallah cute : p


your cupcake PJ ;p

cleaning your messy room was so fun! so NOT : p



i cropped your baby face 3shn ur fiance ma yz3l 3lena : p

Feelings can’t be describes with words ❤ i lovee you sooo much sis : (

5 Responses to “Ammyyz17thBirthDay”

  1. Kook Says:

    Happppyyyybirthdaaaay To the most adorable person on this earth *Amy*
    I love u myAngel ❤
    i'm so grateful to have u both ya a7la sisters fe el3alm

    Angede ! u r such an amazing photographer =**

  2. Lwlw Says:

    happy birthday to her ♥ amazing pictures!

  3. amy Says:

    meeemmmee i love you i love you i love you :”” ♥
    i’m so honored that i have a post here fe a7la blog fel3alm the most creative,professional nd amazing.. nd all the good words fe el3’tin el3rbya o elnglyzya:”P!
    i love you so much mariam thanks for everything u’ve done :”) you’re a great sister that anyone would kill to have.
    thanks for the countdown, nd the cake nd the amazing picture nd the twiieetts nd this amaziang post ahh its killing me :”” ♥ a7la shy fel3alm i swear.
    thanks for making me feel so special nd loved. thanks for making my day every yr so good nd unforgettable.thanks for always being there for me when ever i needed you. thanks for not hating me cuz of my unbelievable madness. thanks for being a wonderful sister *the best one* actually so thank you, THANK YOU FOR YOU :*

  4. ifatma Says:

    Happppppppy Birthday Amyyyyy
    wish you all the best sugar ~
    love the skinny jeans shot hehe 😛
    F ~

  5. Elra. Says:

    Your films are very nice.
    Give me a kind of happiness.
    I am from China, a student.

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