December 15, 2009

Well I did great in my exam today : ) did NOT!! ahe2 😥 I got the hardest sample as i always do and forgot all the rules the minute i got the exam paper : ) uff 😥 Today i have to start working on my photography file its due tomorrow so ganna post the pictures i chose for the file after i’m done with it hopefully tonight.

.Anyway enough with the university sick talk. time to indulge myself with some relaxation *sigh* comfy bed,soft light, yumy chocolate, onetreehill and lovely memory of my trip to dubai with my czns ❤ enjoy.




More to come, post soon..

One Response to “Costa”

  1. ifatma Says:

    meme woawoa,
    you should do actions!!! i will buy this one!!
    wallah moooot el9waaar ❤
    *heart* the one with hand,henna,mug ❤ <3<3 *saved*

    ps: if u still got this edit saved as psd,
    email it to me 😉

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