29th of mar, 2009

December 14, 2009

I should be studying statistic by now since my exam is tomorrow ,but got lots of stuff on my mind. tried to sleep couldn’t, Watched three episodes of OneTreeHill and didn’t work either. So thought of editing some pictures, it helps when i edit. Looked through iPhoto found those photos from great day in SB with sos* i miss you*  : (, lwlw and shosh ,but not such a great pictures thou.

I missed our gathering after math class : (








i love you lwlw :’) this post goes to you since its all you ;p

One Response to “29th of mar, 2009”

  1. shaikhade Says:

    OhMyGod memeee ..
    once i saw the pictures all the memories came to my mind ..
    like it was yesterday :” ..

    i wish we could go back there 😦 ..

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