second day of Eid

November 28, 2009

The weather today was unbelievable ❤

Couldn’t stop myself not capture the cloud through the car window.

My favorite photo of today.



My cousin. i know you’ll be reading this ;p ,so thaankyou for comeing today it wouldn’t been fun without you, can’t wait till tomorrow  :”)



3body cute lil hands ❤

I know lots of drink photos. :$ there were no food left to shoot lol ;p

My favorite part of every meal. ;p



my cousin sara and tommy.

tommy ❤

taken by my cousin sara i wanted to ruin the photo (a)

I really had fun today ❤ can’t wait for tomorrow i hope it turns out great *inshallah*

3 Responses to “second day of Eid”

  1. Mashallah I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog !
    you’re a talented photographer mashallah <333
    I love your touches a lottttttt !!!!!
    ah I'm speechless x___x !


  2. Sara Says:

    Yeah the weather today is so amazing, I really hope that it rains ‘enshalla’ (L)
    You know how much I love your style in editing photos, you’re just genius doing that ‘mashalla’
    The focus is amazing, I wonder which lens is that? But I think the lighting was good enough which helped a lot, and not to forget your creativity in choosing angles 😉


  3. Fatima Says:

    ماخذتوني وياكم =(

    الاكل طالع لذيذ بتصويرج، ماشاءالله عليج وعلى موهبتج

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