bruises all over me

November 22, 2009

Now that I’m away, I can’t sleep the night through. I can’t think of anything but you. all I want is to be there for you. I tried my best to hide this away to hide the pain the broken pieces you made me ,but i couldn’t i just couldn’t anymore. I go back to you every time, I fight for you all the time. no matter how bad you hurt me, no matter how broken you made me. why won’t you fight for me ? Bruises all over me. Is it my fault for giving in, for giving you all?! I told you how i feel, how bad it feels ,but you didn’t care like i wasn’t even there. you will never love me the way i do, you will never care. You’ve never showed me. </3 i can’t fix you anymore. it seems that i will never quite get you. I need to stop missing you.

3 Responses to “bruises all over me”

  1. Sara Says:

    Wow M. and u say ur writings suck 🙂 ?!!
    come on its not , i lived with every and each word <\3
    heartbreaking 😦 <\3 which blew me way away !

    • fatma Says:

      mashallah memz 6l3ty mob hyna 😉
      y9y7oooon el words ;(
      w haai 7baataaah waaayd 😦
      you will never love me the way i do, you will never care.

  2. Shaikha Says:

    M !!!
    i’m speechless walla .. it’s beyond amazing !
    and so heartbreaking </333 ..

    the words were so touchy .. like when you read them, they go straight to your heart 😦 ..

    i loved it .. loved every single word in it ..

    Mashallah 3lich :") ..

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